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As the developing nations of the world continue to receive immigrants from less-developed countries, immigration officers usually receive personal documents in all forms and languages – birth certificates, marriage contracts, death certificates and even school diplomas and transcripts of records. Of course, these documents provide proof that indeed these immigrants were naturally-born citizens of their respective countries, and that they were able to reach a particular level of schooling – but most of the time they pose a great problem: they are hard to understand. Why? The very reason is that they were written in the native language of these immigrants, very much different from the language or languages used in the country they move in to.

To resolve this great problem, linguists and translators are now providing personal document translation services to assist both the immigrants and the immigration officers process these personal documents properly and quickly. This is to assure that an immigrant will be allowed entry and the opportunity to live, work or study in the country he plans to migrate to. But how does this service work?

First and foremost, the immigrant needs to present authentic personal documents that will provide further proof of his identity and nationality. Then, these immigration offices will ask for accurate translations of the important information provided in the documents written in foreign languages. Of course, the translators to be contacted are required to be highly-skilled and very much proficient in this job, since a single incorrect translation could cause more problems to the immigrants. So, to avoid further complications, translators hired to provide personal document translation services are required to master at least three to four languages which they could speak fluently. Aside from this, translators are also given the difficult task of looking for the nearest word equivalent for the information used in the foreign-language documents, and ensure that these words are very much identical with the ideas and words used in legal documents in the country where the foreigner will be transferring to.

A lot of European and Asian countries still utilize their respective national languages in the personal documents they provide to their citizens. These countries include Japan, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, France, Germany, Vietnam, and others. Thus immigrants from these countries are the usual clients of translation-service-providing agencies.

Still, these personal document translation services have their own limitations. Of course some terminologies and native words do not have their direct counterparts and translations in other languages; thus, making these words difficult to translate. Also, some personal documents have illegible penmanship, blurred letters and even extra markings that could cause problems to the translator. Because of the inability to read the words properly, a translator could misinterpret the information provided in the personal document. In these cases, a translator usually seeks the assistance of the owner of the documents so that he could verify the translations he made.

Despite these problems, you could be assured that these translators are always hard at work to provide you the most accurate translation to your personal documents.

So are you an immigrant who needs personal document translation services? Seek out for a credible translation agency and soon you will be able to reside, study or work in the country you want to migrate to.


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